Find all the information you need to plan a great F3 year

It can be a difficult time for those finishing their FY2 with the decision of whether to go straight into specialty training, or take an F3 year. We've provided The Ultimate F3 Guide that will hopefully make this time a little less difficult.

Year on year there are more and more FY2 finishers opting to not go into specialty training, highlighting the rise in popularity of the F3 year. And with the stress, pressure and work involved in FY2, wanting taking a break and do something different does not come as a surprise.

If you're unsure of what to do, there are a few choices:

  1. Agency Locum – You work for a locum agency who look for work across different trusts
  2. Trust Internal Bank – you will be filling in gaps in the rota at the Trust
  3. Trust Grade/Clinical Fellowship - You agree to a long-term contract
  4. Back to training the following February instead of August – often people will do their F3 year and apply to go back into training in August after a year. You can instead do an F3 for six months to go back into training in February
  5. Work abroad – gain new skills in new environments

You can view the pros and cons for each of these in The Ultimate F3 Guide as well as information on payment methods as an F3 locum and a timeline of what needs doing and when to allow you to properly prepare.

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